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About YanEtki


 YANETKI was founded by Faruk Barman in 2011 as an institution working in the field of performing arts, performing arts management and producer.

 YANETKI, whose artistic director is Serkan Üstüner, aims to bring together the best plays of contemporary theater, which deal with the current and social issues of today's people, with the audience. The basic principle is to tell the story of today's people and to provide the audience with the opportunity to think and question.

 ​It is important for YANETKI to create a "thinking society", which is one of the aims of art and therefore theater, in repertoire selections, to reveal the current in a predictive way, and to keep the comedy and drama alive in the perception and applause of the audience. At the same time, it is to provide opportunities for the training of new players, technicians and designers by producing the best by forcing our material and moral conditions with a professional team.

 YANETKI started his journey on the ''IKINCI KAT'' with his first play, ''YALNIZ BATI''. In 2012, he established his own stage, Asmalisahne, in Beyoğlu Asmalimescit. Until June 2016, he exhibited his plays in his own venue, shared the venue with other theater teams, and hosted social responsibility projects.

 Since 2016, he continues to present his plays on various stages, tours and festivals in Istanbul.




Sadri Alışık Theatre Award - 2019

Best Supporting Actor Nominee  - Murat Eken


Ekin Yazin Dostlari - 2017

Young Talent Actor of the Year Award  - Yagiz Can Konyali


Sadri Alışık Theatre Award - 2016

Best Actress Award - Melike Guner


Ekin Yazin Dostlari - 2015

Small Stage Best Game Award


Ekin Yazin Dostlari - 2015

Small Stage Best Actor Award – Deniz Karaoğlu

Direklerarasi - 2015

Small Stage Best Actor Award – Deniz Karaoğlu


Afife Theater Awards - 2014

Best Actress Nominee Melike Guner


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